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The BackHand: Inside the WSO

Stuart Barefoot

On Tuesday Andy Roddick paid a visit to the WSO. There was food, people, nice clothes, and of course Roddick himself. Along with the announcement of the player field, sponsors and box seat holders had a chance to mingle and say hello to Andy, and the media got a chance to ask questions to the 2003 U.S Open champ. So did we. After a long day and talking to reporters, Andy was cool enough to answer a few extra questions. Here they are:
The Backhand:  Andy, you've been talking to people about tennis all day, you can talk tennis with whomever any time, I want to talk to you about other stuff. You mentioned your fantasy baseball league, how's the season treating you so far?
Andy Roddick:  I'm so average, I'm the master of dominating the fifth position out of 10 every year, which is kind of boring.
I'm just so middle of the road, it's kind of a non factor which is kind of ticking me off.
TB:  Well who's been the biggest disappointment so far?
AR:  I drafted Adrian Gonzalez number four overall. I thought he was going to be.....he's been the model of consistency throughout his career, he's never had an off two months, and well that was fixed this year, he's been off the entire season so far.
TB:  Can you ever foresee a fantasy tennis league? 
AR:  I don't know, because we gamble a little bit on our fantasy baseball league. We're not allowed to gamble on tennis, so I think I'm out of fantasy tennis.
TB:  Conflict of interest? Would you draft someone over you?
AR:  Well I probably would have drafted myself this year and I would have been disappointed
TB:  This is the second year you'll be playing in Winston, do you have a favorite hot spot?
AR:  Hot spot? Center court haha, nah, my priority when I come here is to try to play good tennis, but we certainly have a couple of spots that we go to, but I'd like to continue going to them.
TB: I heard you say you do a syndicated radio show in Austin, I hear your wife Brooklyn on the radio sometimes and she's hilarious. After tennis, who has a better future in radio, you or Brooklyn?
AR:  Me, just because thats what I want to do. She's going to be doing movies and stuff and I'm going to be the radio guy. She comes on our show sometimes and she's pretty fun, but I think its something I actually want to do, haha.
TB:  You're going to be in London for the Olympics, aside from playing tennis obviously, which sport are you most excited to be a spectator for?
AR:  I think if I could go watch something I think I'd like to see the sprinters. I'd like to see (Usain) Bolt. I've never actually seen one of those live, so I can only imagine how fast those guys are going. 
TB:  Andy, thanks for coming, we'll see you next month.

AR:  Thank you
Also, John Delong covered the event for the WSO and you can read his story, which gives some more details on the day.

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