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Tuesday's Tweets

Stuart Barefoot

This week's Tweter is one Mr. Andrew Roddick. It's no coincidence that he gets the honor the same day that he is paying a visit to the WSO. It will be a fun day for everyone who gets to meet Roddick. Follow Andy @andyroddick
While he is not the most active Tweeter in the world (he's busy with his job and all) Roddick is still an entertaining guy to follow. His bio simply reads " I play tennis :-)" Maybe not the most descriptive or personal biography on the internet, but it gives you basic idea of how Roddick spends most of his time (if you were somehow unaware.) 
Like a lot of tennis players, he doesn't tweet about tennis that often. Instead, he tweets about shoes, random thoughts, and tweets back and forth with other tennis players like Mardy Fish. A pretty fun guy overall.
What's really impressive about Roddick is that he almost has 1 million followers. With 979, 499 followers, he should reach the million mark rather soon. It should also be noted that while he only follows 43 people, one of them is a twitter page called @BrooklynDFans , an account dedicated to fans of Brooklyn Decker, who Roddick is married to. It's kind of cute, you have to admit. 

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