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Tuesday's Tweets

Stuart Barefoot

This week's Tweeter of the week goes to the champion of the 2012  Wimbledon Ladies singles champion, Serena Williams. Check her account out @serenawilliams. While Serena does have a reputation for being a bit abrasive with umpires on the court, her twitter account depicts a sweet, charming, and often times, funny Serena Williams.
For example; one thing you may not have known about Serena until you read her tweets, is that she is an avid karaoke fan. She also recommends TV shows for her followers to watch, and tweets about her dogs. She'll occasionally tweet pictures of herself, like she did after her match with CNN's Piers Morgan, or her forays into dressing up as Superman (or Superwoman in his case.)
With more than 2 million followers, Serena gives her fans some insight to what she is like away from the tennis court. Rarely tweeting about tennis, anyone with a twitter account can keep themselves updated on the not so mundane happenings in the everyday life of one of the greatest tennis players ever. The information age really is incredible.

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