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Tuesday's Tweets

Stuart Barefoot

This week's featured tweeter is one of the most colorful personalities in tennis. Not Johnny, but his brother Patrick. To follow Patrick, check out @PatrickMcEnroe
McEnroe was a good tennis player in his time. He won 16 titles and that speaks for itself. He is also a good tweeter. With close to 42,000 followers he isn't on the level of Serena Williams who, as we learned last week, has over 2 million. But 42,000 is still a lot. 
A native New Yorker, Patrick often tweets about his favorite New York sports teams when he's not tweeting about tennis. Last night for example, he tweeted three times about Ichiro being traded to the Yankees and Rick Nash going to the NY Rangers. Truly a well rounded sports fan.
Like many avid Twitter users, Patrick utilizes multimedia, often posting twitpics (if you still aren't used to Twitter, it's just a term to describe a picture posted on Twitter.) Some of those include a picture of him playing in an invitational or celebrating his birthday with Johnny and for all of you who love anything hopelessly romantic, he even re-tweets pictures his wife takes of the two of them. 
Not only has he mastered Twitter, but he has taken on other online ventures. Regularly he posts The Patrick McEnroe Daily using on online feature that allows normal, everyday people the ability to produce an online paper using tweets, stories, or anything else they find of interest. Granted, it's not an actually online publication or anything any more official than Facebook, but it's interesting to see what current events Patrick finds most important.
So whether it's tweeting at other tennis players, posting pictures online, or being a cheerleader for his favorite teams, Patrick spends his time online the same way he did on the court and in the press box. Being vocal.

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