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Tuesday's Tweets

Stuart Barefoot

For the first time ever, our featured tweeter isn't a tennis player. Technically Patrick McEnroe (last week's tweeter) isn't a player anymore, but he was once. So he doesn't count. This week the honor goes to Jon Wertheim from Sports Illustrated. Jon is a senior writer at SI and his primary focus in Tennis. You can follow him @jon_wertheim.
Unlike many of the tennis players that have been featured, Jon tends to post more "on topic" tweets. Meaning he actually tweets about tennis. Like many journalist these days, he is always within reach of any mobile device that allows him to tweet whenever a 140 character thought pops into his head. This is a good thing, as his tweets are usually a combination of informative and humorous.
Like many of the people we've visited with on Tuesday's Tweets, Jon has been sending his from across the pond. With Wimbledon ending not long ago, and now with the Olympics being in London, many tennis characters have spent a lot of time there. Jon makes sure we know he is in on the action. He tweets many pictures. Like this one at the All England Club or funny observations he makes. He also apparently stops strangers in the street and says "Hey can I take a picture of your Roger Federer earring? Trust me, I'm a sports writer, it's okay." 
His often silly tweets betray his true genius. As the author of two books, Jon displays an in dept knowledge of the sporting world. Strokes of Genius:  Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest match ever Played  is an analysis of every stroke of the 2008 Wimbledon finals. He also co-wrote Scorecasting:  The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports are Played and How Games are Won, which debunks common myths in sports from a statistical standpoint.
So whether you want an inside scoop, a funny picture, or an analytical tweet regarding tennis, Jon is your guy to follow. With over 16,000 followers, he has an audience to entertain and he links to his SI profile, so you can read his articles which are always pretty good.

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