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Stuart Barefoot

This week is special. It's so special that you get two videos this week rather than one. You're welcome, world. It's actually a consolation offer since there was a glitch last week that prevented us from putting the post up. We'll start with this week's video:
Armchair quarterbacks.....err make that sideline server. Who knows how to better beat Novak Djokovic than a spectator? 
Fan: "Go to his backhand Viktor!"
Viktor: Holds out racket do you wanna try, cause I'm not having fun out here, dude.......omg, it actually worked, it's my lucky day! (Proceeds to lose match.)
As Viktor Troicky learned, when you're playing the world's best tennis player, any advice you can get helps. Keep that in mind.
Last week's video was supposed to be in honor of a brave lineswoman who took a Mardy Fish serve to the eye. 
First of all, she was not seriously hurt, so we can have some fun with this. Secondly, you have to admire her dedication to making the correct much so to the point where she didn't even try to protect her own face. If there was any doubt in her mind that the ball was indeed out, it was quickly laid to rest. 

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