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Stuart Barefoot

Every tennis fan knows about tirades. It's a part of the sport that is expected if not appreciated in a weird way. In honor of that, this week you get an array of videos with some of the all time best tennis match outbursts. Enjoy
The title tells most of the story in this one. Notice when McEnroe calls the umpire a jerk, the crowd reacts like a classroom full of fourth graders when a fellow classmate is sent to the principal's office.
In school, there was this concept known as the "double transgression theory." It meant if you got sent to the office, you might as well pull a prank or make crude noises on your way out. You're already in trouble, so why not go out in a blaze of glory? Fernando Gonzalez went to school and learned about the double transgression theory. After he got fined, he went for broke, and had the crowd there to egg him on.
You cannot be serious!
Andy Roddick was really nice when he visited the WSO last week. He was nice mostly because he is a kind, genuine person who is generous with his time. Furthermore, he didn't have anyone ask him about retirement. He clearly loves playing tennis, and is not ready to retire. If he isn't ready to retire now, he wasn't a year ago. The reporter asked a numb skull question, and Roddick responded beautifully.

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