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Stuart Barefoot

UPDATE:  Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4, to notch his seventh Wimbledon title. He has now tied Pete Smapras for the most wins at Wimbledon. Full story can be found here. 
UPDATE:  Serena Williams defeated Angieszka Radwanska 6-1, 5-7, 6-2 to win her 14th major title. It is her fifth time winning at Wimbledon. 
Well as it turns out, the Winston-Salem Open will not be hosting a Wimbledon finalist. Close though, the semi finals aren't too shabby. Jo-Willfried Tsonga was ousted by Andy Murray on Friday. Murray took the match 6-4, 6-3, 3-6, 7-5, to advance to the finals. It marks the first time a British player has been to the Wimbledon finals since 1938. It would have been cool had Tsonga come into Winston as the Wimbledon champ, but his excellent performance should bring some fanfare to the Triad with him.
The Wimbledon final is set.  Murray and Federer will be a classic matchup, which shouldn't really surprise anybody. In the 15 times the two have faced one another, Murray has the slight edge, winning eight times. Should Federer win, it will be his seventh Wimbledon title. On the other hand if Murray wins, he'll be the first British player to do it since Bunny Austin did in 1938. 
Everyone has been asking if Tiger Woods is "back?" For now, the more relevant question would be, is Serena Williams back? She will be going for her first grand slam title two years when she plays in the Wimbledon finals. To do so, she will have to beat Agnieszka Radwanska. The favorite here has to be Williams, mainly by virtue of Radwanska being sick (though not an automatic loss, see Michale Jordan's flu game in '97 for an example.) They have only faced twice with Serena taking both matches. Another interesting note:  Williams has won 13 career grand slam titles (four at Wimbledon) , and Radwanska is playing for her first. That being said, the polish star is currently ranked third in the WTA rankings while Williams is sixth. 
Rufus the Hawk has been rescued! If you hadn't heard, Rufus is a Hawk employed by Wimbledon to patrol the skies and scare pigeons away from the area over the tournament grounds. Last weekend, while just chilling in his cage, he was birdnapped from a parked car. He was returned by an anonymous good samartin two days later. One major question comes to mind here. Will the police pursue the party responsible for the crime? Not that this is a major atrocity and the bad guys need to be brought to justice. I just think the public will be interested to see the type of people or person involved in the black market for a stolen Hawk.
That should wrap it up. Enjoy the finals this weekend, and if you are in the Winston area, come hang out with the WSO staff at the Aperture theater, we'll be watching the match there. 

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