Special Events

Special events can vary from by year. Below is a list of our 2021 special events.
If you are interesting in hosting or creating an event or would like to discuss partnership opportunities for 2022, you may contact the tournament director.


Saturday, August 21 - Brenner Childrens' Hospital Kids' Day

The Winston-Salem Open is delighted to host its tenth annual Brenner Childrens' Hospital Kids' Day. To learn more about the benefits of this special event and for registration details, click here.


Saturday, August 21 - Fill the Food Bank

Did you know one in six people in northwest North Carolina struggles with hunger, and one in four children go without the nutriion he or she needs to thrive? Help the Winston-Salem Open help the Second Harvest Food Bank by bringing donated items to the tournament. Click here to learn more.


Sunday, August 24 - WSO GO! Camp

If you are looking for some competitive play opportunities for your little ones, check out WSO GO! Camp. This is an intermediate/advanced level of play for children 10 or younger. The USTA North Carolina and Team NC will be hosting this event at Joe White Tennis Center. Learn more.


Sunday, August 22 - School Day

Do you want to show your school pride? Do you want to be recognized at the Winston-Salem Open? How would you like to get up close and personal to some of the world's best tennis players? To learn about our School Day and how to participate click here.


Tuesday, August 24 - FITNESS TRAINING

Interested in breaking a sweat at the Winston-Salem Open? Come out to one of F45's training classes - offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Learn more here.


Wednesday, August 25 - Earlier.org

The Winston-Salem Open and USTA North Carolina are proud to offer a special clinic to benefit earlier.org. Earlier.org is the nation's only breast cancer charity focused exclusively on supporting research for new discoveries of an innovative biological test to detect breast cancer earlier. To sign up for participation in this event, click here


Thursday, August 26 - USTA DAY

We have more than 30,000 USTA members in North Carolina, and we love to say thank you to those special folks with day filled of prizes, food, and fun. To become a USTA member, visit the website. Activities and giveaways will be available for members and for captain appreciation! For more details click here.